Back Treatments

Good Vibes CBD Back Treatment - 185

90 minutes

Melt away stress in this deeply relaxing facial treatment. This calming CBD back treatment has a range of benefits making it great for addressing a variety of concerns. Studies have shown that CBD can help reduce inflammation, sebum production and in turn, breakouts. CBD is also rich in antioxidants that can reduce signs of aging. Includes double cleanse, exfoliation, light massage with CBD oil, high frequency treatment, CBD infused Hydrojelly mask, toner, serum, moisturizer and sun protection.

24K Back Treatment - 185   

90 minutes

This anti-aging treatment facial is designed to combat fine lines and wrinkles, brighten up dull skin, and restore skin's firmness. Includes double cleansing, skin analysis, deep exfoliation, high frequency treatment to promote collagen production, LED red light therapy to help fight the appearance of fine lines, soothing facial massage, antioxidant 24k gold Hydrojelly mask, peptide oxygen infusion treatment, deep penetrating serums, moisturizer, and sun protection.