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Aura Rose Quartz Tower

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This listing is for one (1) Aura Rose Quartz Tower.

Rose Quartz is well known to be the as the Love Stone. Rose Quartz aids in calming, reassuring your self-love and brings deep inner healing. Rose quartz draws off negative energy and replaces it with the good feels and love vibes. It can release your heartache, soothe the pain and ready your heart to receive love once again. 

Size: 3-3.5 inches tall

*Aura Rose Quartz is a treated crystal. Aura Rose Quartz is Rose Quartz bonded with various metals which results in a lovely rose metallic sheen. Possible coatings include gold, indium, titanium, niobium & copper.

*Each tower is unique, and the photos are a representation of what you will receive. I will intuitively select your Aura Rose Quartz tower just for you.