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12 Days of Tumbles Advent Calendar

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Treat yourself or someone you love with gift of crystals. 

The Crystal Advent Calendar includes 12 tumbles packaged in a gift box. The Crystal Advent Calendar makes a great gift for the holidays or as a birthday or special occasion gift. The Advent Calendar contains 12 numbered boxes, each containing a crystal and info card that identifies the crystal and their properties. Each Advent Calendar is packaged, wrapped and ready to gift!


12 Days of Tumbles Start Your Journey Edition - The 12 Day Beginner Edition includes 12 tumbles that are great for the beginner crystal collector and a great introduction to crystals. 

12 Days of Tumbles Continue Your Journey Edition - The 12 Day Continue Your  Edition includes 12 tumbles that are more unique that you or your gift recipient may not already have in their crystal collection.