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Smoky Quartz Towers

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This listing is for one (1) Smoky Quartz Tower.

Smoky quartz is the most efficient grounding stone with strong connections with the earth. Smoky quartz is the answer when it comes to stress, relieves fears, helps ease depression and stands by the mantra, let go of what no longer serves you. put smoky quartz in your home to protect and bring those good vibes. 

Tower 1:  2.5 inches tall,  .21lbs

Tower 2:  3.5 inches tall,  .41lbs

Tower 3:  2.75 inches tall,  .2lbs

Tower 4:  3.3 inches tall,  .26lbs

Tower 5:  2.75 inches tall,  .23lbs

Tower 6:  3.45 inches tall,  .27lbs

Tower 7:  2.8 inches tall,  .26lbs

*You will receive the exact tower in the photo