Phases of the Moon Mala Necklace

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The Phases of the Moon mala is hand-knotted with Selenite, Moonstone, Labradorite, Larvikite and Black Obsidian gemstone beads and sterling silver accents accents, and features a Shungite crescent moon Pendant. This mala was created to resonate with moon phases and full moon magic. 

Selenite is overflowing with moon magic, and was named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. Selenite is cleansing, light bringing, uplifting, as well as protective and energy amplifying.

Moonstone is strongly connected to energy, intuition, and spirituality: all things love, power, and healing. It is said Moonstone is at its most powerful during a full moon. 

Labradorite is bursting with the energy of Moon and Mercury. Labradorite is all about change and transformation and helps you gather your goals and begin anew. 

Larvikite is a wise and protective stone. It cancels out dark magic and repels all forms of negative energy. It cleanses our spiritual bodies of old energy that no longer serves us.

Black Obsidian is a grounding stone that’s a source of comfort during times of mourning and letting go. It forms a shield of protective energy that absorbs negative energy.

- This Mala necklace has the traditional 108 beads
- Necklace hangs approximately 21 inches long
- Gemstone beads are approximately 8mm
- Handmade in California
- This necklace comes with an accompanying gemstone info card and a satin bag for storage

What is Mala?

Malas are traditionally used for Meditation and Prayer. These 108 bead Malas are made with semi-precious stones that hold beautiful and unique energy . 108 is significant number for many reasons are many interpretations for the number 108. Some say that there are 108 stages on the journey of the human soul while others believe 108 centering breaths will bring enlightenment. However you choose to use your Mala, may you find peace in the healing energy of the stones and enjoy the beauty they hold.