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Cleansing Kit

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This listing is for one (1) Cleansing Kit.
Clear unwanted negative energy and stress with this cleansing kit.
Cleansing Kit Includes:
Selenite Wand
Palo Santo stick
White Sage Bundle
Jar of Matches

Sage for all things divination. As a master cleanser, sage can cleanse you, your crystals and your space. Our Blue Sage is grown and harvested sustainably in California.

Palo Santo helps smooth any rough energetic edges. It's a great choice to begin any ceremony or meditation. This sacred South American wood has a beautiful sweet earthy smell. It also helps ground your energy and connect you to Mother Earth.

Selenite Wand is a master cleansing crystal. Selenite cleanses you, your crystals and your space! Genuine Raw Selenite resonates with your crown chakra and lifts and purifies the vibe.

All three are must haves for your sacred space or altar. The combination of all three can be used to deepen your self-care and spiritual routines.

*Each cleansing kit is unique, and the photos are a representation of what you will receive. I will intuitively select your cleansing kit for you.